In August of 2020, I wrote a Medium piece on the topic of developer advocacy — what I had learned about it, and how I was interested in pivoting into the role. With 2021, I want to provide so insights for those of us who may be interested in developer advocacy.

In 2020, I applied to twenty-three roles with the job title being “Developer Advocate” or “Developer Relations”. Of those roles, I interviewed for six of them. Two were small, but well established, start ups. The other four were enterprise level companies, and household names in the tech community. The kind that you mention to your cousin over Thanksgiving dinner and they raise their eyebrows at you, seemingly impressed. All of the interview experiences were similar, but also very different. Two of them were roles I was excited about but ended up finding out that actually, the company (or at least their hiring practices) are questionable. …


Nicole Sumrall

Web developer, photographer, music lover.

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